Sunday, July 18, 2010

Surf Zombies Something Weird

This record was recorded using state of the art equipment from the late 50's and early 60's. Feel the heat of the tubes from the amps as these boys rev up and rock. Lose yourself in the reverb, but don't forget to come up for air! You may be intoxicated by the savage jungle rhythms, the twirling swirling tremolo of the dueling guitars. Hotrod culture fans, tattoo junkies, punkers, the power pop crowd, all fans of great guitar work and everyone interested in all things cool should enjoy the vibes! Excellent trad surf, not horror surf – great cover – tho.

1. El Funebre (The Hearse) 2. Dead Man's Alley 3. I Fell In Love With A Teenage Vampire 4. Road Rage 5. 50cc 6. The High Rip 7. The Buzzard Hop 8. Something Weird 9. Don't Let the Admiral Out 10. Candy Cigarettes 11. Alien Eyes 12. Surfin' Ghoul 13. Extended Tour 14. Leonard 15. Mind Worm 16. Crawl Space Crawl 17. Incognito 18. Electric Skull 19. Rockabilly Boogie Man 20. The Zombie Stomp 21. Aqua Waltz



Unknown said...

Hello everybody just amazed that people and places likes this exist...thanks for sharing and teaching.
i'm from costa rica, 41 years old and in love with exotica! and psychobilly and and spy themes and surf revival
How can i help to share the load
Wondering through the posts there is no Messer Chups musics here (russian psychobilly/surf horror) guess you will like them. take care. - urizen2112

Unknown said...

Thanks again

rocker79 said...

THANKS (yes caps ON), cause u have done a lot of good to my surf library and my ears. Thanks, millions of them. I have downloaded several stuff from ur blog, and still doing it, so thanks beforehand.

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