Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Space Cadets - Lost On Earth EP

Here's the debut album of The Space Cadets, for me their best work. Ripped from vinyl at 320kbps with very good sound, hope you enjoy!!! The Space Cadets were one of the most inovative bands in the rockabilly genre from the mid to late 90's. They perfectly captured traditional rockabilly, neo-rockabilly, surf, ska and 1950's rock n' roll and wrapped it up in a crazy space theme.

The band features well known English rockabilly verterans Mouse Zinn on vocals(Red, Hot & Blue), Mark Harmon on guitar (Restless), Ricky Brawn on drums(the Big Six, Starlighters, Johnny Bach) and Anders Janes on upright bass. Laden with double entendres and space-isms, their songs are varied enough to appeal to a broad audience, yet keep their 50's authenticity.

Track list
Rockin' With The Space Cadets
Rockin' In Thin Ice
Rocket Ship
Let's Get Crazy
Time To Rock
Cadet Walk


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