Saturday, December 19, 2009

Warrior Soul - Space Age Playboy

Underrated punks from the 90's - Pulsating anger, heavy guitars, simple but powerfull riffs and a stomping mid-tempo pace. This is Warrior Soul's best offering and I recommend to anybody who likes heavy rock. Although the lyrics are a bit on the depressive/angry side, listening to this CD is like being plugged into high voltage, I feel like bursting with energy every time!

1. rocket 2. the drug 3. let's get wasted 4. no no no 5. television
6. the pretty faces 7. the imagine 8. rotten soul 9. i wanna get some
10. look at you 11. star ride 12. generation graveyard 13. fightin'the war
Playing Time.........: 00:56:35



Brandonio! said...

DaBoss do you know the can of worms you just opened.Love ,Warrior Soul!

***** said...

Warrior Soul will be hitting the studio in January to record their eagerly anticipated follow-up to the critically acclaimed 'Destroy The War Machine' album and be touring in March 2011 to promote it!/pages/Warrior-Soul/38297871586

Dark Globe said...

Touring this album in its entirety autumn 2015

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