Saturday, December 19, 2009

VA - Tributo a Ramones - I Want You Around

"I Want You Around" is the name chosen for this first album organized by Mondo Ramone, and it's a tribute to the greatest punk-rock band Ramones. There are 25 bands from different countries: Argentina, Spain, Uruguay, France and the UK.

Each band performs the version in its own way. And there are covers in Spanish and English. The bands style is mostly punk-rock, with variations such as Ramonero-punk and pop-punk, plus some tribute bands.

Furthermore, the disc is accompanied by a magazine (in PDF) with detailed information on each band.


01. Intro
02. Durango 95 (Monchones)
03. Blitzkrieg bop (Ramonas)
04. Con mi PlayStation (DDT)
05. Go lil’ Camaro go (Maxidelmar)
06. Slug (Fast Food)
07. We want the airwaves (Sinfexis)
08. Punishment fits the crime (Bien Desocupados junto a CJ Ramone)
09. Cretin family (Sale Kon Fritas)
10. Estoy en contra (Ningoonies)
11. Carbona not glue (Diasepunk)
12. Sheena is a punk rocker (F.A.N.T.A.)
13. Rockaway beach (Las Vin Up)
14. Mental hell (Chabanes)
15. El Opus Dei se llevo a mi mujer (Waldorf Histeria)
16. Yea yea (The Ramonos)
17. I wanna be your boyfriend (Los Martires de Uganda)
18. Somebody put something in my drink (Desuvikados)
19. Listen to my heart (Danger Zone)
20. Cabbies on crack (The Nylons)
21. I remember you (Rios-Chocrón)
22. She’s the one (Vejados)
23. She belongs to me (Tres Round)
24. Touring (The Maxys)
25. No quiero bajar al sotano (No Picky)
26. Pinhead (Ramines)



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