Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Tikiyaki Orchestra - Idol Worship (2015)
The Tikiyaki Orchestra exist in a class by themselves. There really is no other band quite like them on the planet. They take the Exotica tradition as established by pioneers Denny, Lyman and Baxter and bring it into the 21st century. Their unmistakable sound is a blend of the coolest retro styles–exotica, lounge, space-age bachelor pad, crime jazz, spy, surf, spaghetti western and more. "Idol Worship" is a slightly new direction for the Tikiyaki Orchestra. They are moving in a more "surfy" direction and less of the traditional exotica feel in previous works. Several of the tracks sound as if they could be lifted from a B-movie soundtrack. The listener looking for exotica as done in recent years by the Tikiyaki Orchestra will be a little disappointed. A couple of tracks sound like Duane Eddy meets the George Shearing Quintet. Tikiyaki Orchestra's website calls the new music "sensual" and "most raw yet." Well, OK, if they say so. It's still awesome to these experienced ears.
 Track List:

01. Idol Worship [04:24]
02. Return to Orchid Isle [03:25]
03. Pele's Kiss [03:25]
04. Tiare Tahiti [03:07]
05. Esplanade [03:05]
06. Exotic In Blues [03:38]
07. Zero Gravity [04:15]
08. Paniolo [02:39]
09. Eden Awaits [03:17]
10. Malaga Cove [02:58]
11. The Final Transmission [03:05]


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