Monday, April 25, 2016

Rondo Hatton - ST

Rondo Hatton - ST
Named after an actor with brutish features that appeared in many B-movies in the black n’ white era,  this Louisiana based surf/instro combo has a light, twangy sound that really fits perfectly with the summery beach vibe that’s so associated with the genre. Pipeline Magazine sez, "There's plenty to enjoy here on an album that has sufficient quality and variety to keep the listener interested. 15 original tracks of surf music at its finest!" Playing a variety of music styles including surf, spy, hot rod, westerns and TV themes, you can, almost, smell the salt air, feel the ocean's breeze on your face and the sand between your toes as Rondo Hatton bathes you in their spectacular, musical salt water. This band is gaining international recognition with their classic sound and their extremely, well-crafted originals. Bruce Lamb - lead guitar- refers to some of the bands' covers as "odd ball instrumental songs". Very enjoyable.    

1.Pedal Pusher 2.Sea Breeze 3. Paso De Cascabel 4. Saguaro 5.    Little Ruby 6. Chiqhuahuac Point 7. Gaucho 8. Gale Force 9. Agave 10. The Devil's Reef 11. Lover's Cove 12. La Bahia Azul 13. Danger Zone 14. Skee-Daddle 15. 12 Corrido Rock

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RYP said...

thanks a lot for Rondo Hatton! Never heard of... it's new to me.
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