Monday, November 9, 2015

Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica Third River Rangoon

Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica Third River Rangoon

Despite the "Orchestrotica" in the title, "Mr. Ho's" sophomore effort is as part of a 4 or 5 man combo this time rather than the 23 member big band of his debut album. However, not to worry. This is a talented group playing a variety of music in the Tiki Lounge style. The "Arab Dance" from The Nutcracker is very well done. Nice tribute song for Arthur Lyman done in his distinctive style.While the Orchestrotica does perform classics by the original artists of the style--Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman, Les Baxter, Milt Raskin, and Cal Tjader--the quartet focuses on original, modern jazz/classical crossover (third-stream) exotica music written by Mr. Ho too.

Vibraphonist/bandleader Brian O'Neill AKA Mr. Ho's new album Third River Rangoon, by his shapeshifting ensemble Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica may have been inspired by that subgenre, but it's considerably more magical. It leaves far more to the imagination, a lushly nocturnal collection whose most impressive feat of sorcery is getting a simple lineup of vibraphone, bass flute, bass and percussion to create the sweep of a hundred-piece orchestra. The production is genius: Phil Spector couldn't have done any better than this. Playful and surreal, with an unselfconscious majesty, it's music to get lost in, just as O'Neill intended..." -- Lucid Culture - 6/2011

Enjoy the trip.

1. Third River Rangoon 4:36
  2. Thor's Arrival 4:55
  3. Maika            3:23
  4. Colorado Waltz 4:22
  5. Arab Dance            4:29
  6. Phoenix, Goodbye 5:12
  7. Terre Exotique 4:04
  8. Autumn Digging Dance 3:12
  9. Moai Thief 3:58
10. Lonesome Aku of Alewife 3:51
11. Lyman '59



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