Thursday, August 27, 2015

Montefiori Cocktail #1, 2 and 3

Party on ---------- going on vacation for a few weeks. Thought this will get everyone in the mood to escape life for awhile. Three slabs of crazy funky fun. No joke. 
For my blog buddy Mr. Fab at Music For Maniacs  there are some juicy bits here that could wind up in some of your future compilations.
Montefiori are Italy's major representative of the new lounge easy listening evolution, offering the 60's funky sounds enriched with technological elements. Inspired by the 60's cinema and the beginning of the 70's, they grasp the vitality spirit conveyed by that period music, re-proposing it in modern musical forms with house, breakbeat, jungle, drum 'n bass etc. There are great versions of classic lounge-jazz-samba-type tunes that sound just familiar enough to get people of every age and musical taste walking around with a bit more swagger, nodding their heads and splashing their martinis.
For instance, their version of Bolero. Yes, this is the famous classic piece by Ravel! It's done in a 60s-jazz lounge style, with jazzy saxophones swinging the melody over vibes and drum set. "It's a hoot" to say the least, but it really works well! Very creative. They do a similar treatment to the "Star Trek" theme, making it sound like a romantic ballad the first part, then adding the spacy blips and bleeps on the repeat. Best of all – a twangy spaghetti western version of the Star Wars theme. They mix up tv, movies, pop and schmaltz in a perfect blend of fun.
The music is completely goofy, but irresistible. You can't help but smile and dance. Horns and keyboards are all mixed up in a sound that might best be described as the love-child of Pee-Wee Herman and Robert Goulet. If you steadfastly refuse to take life seriously, this is for you. Enjoy.
1. Lazy Busy
2. Another B
3. Bolero
4. Je T'Adore
5. Tekila Bum Bum
6. So, What's New
7. Crazy Beat
8. Gipsy Woman (La Da De La Da Da)
9. Trip 60
10. Un Uomo, Una Donna
11. Gne Gne
12. Anamaria
13. Theme From Star Trek

#1 with a bullet


Swank Daddy said...

Great music. Thanks for sharing it with us.

RobJam said...

Sounds intriguing. I'll give these 3 a spin. Thanks for the share and good to have you back :-)

Joseph Healy said...

Thanks FCCL! I'm really this post. I'm glad I found you. Is it possible to request a re-up for links that are dead?

Mr Fab said...

Thanks, dude! Bought this CD #1 back in the day and I believe I still have it somewhere. Great version of "Gypsy Woman." Don't have their other albums, tho, so will get right on it.

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