Monday, March 11, 2013

Lots of surf instros with occasional monster noises tossed in, combined with a coupla killer vocal numbers (Torso Alley and Catch Fire) make for a debut worth killig for.

1 Dratsylvania     2:50    
2 Phantom Chop     2:39    
3 Theme For Woo Kee Tsao     2:40    
4 Strachan Steve     2:04    
5 Torso Alley     2:24    
6 Zip Code     1:27    
7 Instant Soup     2:24    
8 Catch Fire     2:18    
9 Cemetary Stomp     2:10    
10 Tube City     3:42    
11 Los Tigres Del Norte(s)     2:26    
12 Manglers & Stranglers     2:14    
13 Return To Dratsylvania



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Cesar P.C. said...

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KL from NYC said...

Thank you.

Mr Fab said...

Where are you, boss?!

Music promote said...
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Fat Bastardo said...

This is from the very deep south... Equador.

California surf guitar phenom Mark Kuhn of Voodoo Court has formed a new surf band called the Compadres. They have a strong Spanish feel. Please give this upstart band a free listen.

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