Sunday, February 10, 2013

Davie Allen Bykedelics

Fuzz from the master of Fuzz. Enjoy.
1. Dakota
2. Space Rift
3. Journey into Darkness
4. Recycled
5. Fender Bender
6. Encounter
7. Cry of the Lonely
8. Another Moped in Schenectady
9. Fast and Loose
10. Flashback
11. Theme from the Unknown
12. Peyote
13. Organized
14. Blues Theme/The Born Losers Theme



lindo0107 said...

OT: would you please re-up this one:

Thanks in advance

Sergio (from Brazil)

lindo0107 said...

And yes, this too, please:

rocker79 said...

Man, millions thanks for even keep this blog existing!!! and million thanks for the uploads!!

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