Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year with some Incredibly Strange Music - sort of...

This is a compilation of oddball songs from some mostly rare albums from the '50s and '60s. All the songs come from the same person's record collection, and they have been transferred directly from the albums to CD. Some of the albums are rather worn out, so you can hear scratches on most of the songs here. But somehow that just adds to the charm, like someone invited you to their house to listen to their old records. All the songs here are pretty strange, with 9 of the 13 tracks being instrumentals. The songs with lyrics are comedy songs, with the exception of Kali Bahlu's "A Cosmic Telephone Call", which a bizarre 11 minute recounting of a telephone conversation she had with Buddha(!). The instrumentals include guitar instrumentals, sound effects instrumentals, xylophone instrumentals, sitar instrumentals, percussion instrumentals, Moog instrumentals, accordian instrumentals and whistling instrumentals. This CD is a lot of fun, and it should appeal to fans of "cool and strange" music.

1. Busy Bee Buddy Merrill
2. Sweet 16 Bob Peck
3. Lonesome Road Dean Elliot
4. Will to Fail Katie Lee
5. Minute Merengue Harry Breuer
6. Up, Up and Away Rajput & the Sepoy
7. Mister Hot Rod The Scramblers
8. Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals Dave Harris
9. Swan's Splashdown Perrey and Kingsley
10. Tico-Tico Jo Ann Castle
11. Hawaiian War Chant Billy Mure
12. Wiliam Tell Overture Fred Lowrey
13. Cosmic Telephone Kali Bahlu

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DaBoss said...

Happy New Year

bobbysu said...

Happy New Year

Garageland said...

Happy New Year From Garageland

aisha said...

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umberto said...

Hey Boss
Excuse me if I write here but I can't find a proper contact
I would like to send you some music you may like. Twang from Spaghetti Western Land. Where i can send it?
In the meantime you may like to:

Download here:

Listen on Reverb Nation

EL SANTO NADA is a collective of musicians from Pescara, Italy. They formed in 2007 originally as a spin off of Santo Niente (Saint Zilch).
Suddenly they forged an eclectic identity through their exploration of Ennio Morricone's spaghetti western soundtracks, mexican traditional music, instrumental and surf rock of the late '50s and early '60s, italian and balcanic popular music as well as british psychedelia and contemporary alternative rock.

EL SANTO NADA's home is Abruzzo, a region whose western border lies less than 50 miles east of Rome. Spaghetti Western movies were often set in his wild mountainous areas.

TUCO is their first album and is "a rock opera without words". It's "Tommy" set in some desert, south of some border and it's an allegory of the difficult relationship between the South and the North of the World.

Unknown said...

oh,man i love you man,i really wanted to have the El Santo Nada album,and i've searching that a long time,thank you fou posting it,thank you very much

umberto said...

You are welcome :)

Joe said...

Thanks and same to you....

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