Friday, November 12, 2010

Evil Fuzz Tribute to Davie Allen

A killer collection of various solo performers and groups from around the world, paying tribute via their versions of Allan's past recordings. Not a dog in the bunch! Nuff said!

1. Action on the Street 2. Angel with a Devil's Heart 3. Blue's Theme 4. Bongo Party 5. Born Losers Theme 6. Born Losers Theme/Polyurethane 7. Chopper/Fender Bender 8. Corridor of Fear 9. Cycle-Delic 10. Dark Alley 11. Encounter 12. Fuzz Theme/Grungy 13. Gunslinger 14. Invasion of the Body Surfers 15. Left Turn on Arrow Only 16. Little Big Horn 17. Mind Transferral 18. Oleaje 19. Rebel (Without a Cause) 20. Shapes of Things to Come 21. Surf Trek 22. Theme from the Unknown 23. Tomahawk 24. Unknown Rider 25. White Man Beware

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DaBoss said...

Been hit with a lot of complai****s from you know who so will start this method from here on out like a lot of others are doing.

carlsbad said...

Thank you for this, can't wait to hear these great Davie tunes!

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for uploading this album
to enjoy the fuzz

Exeter said...

Way Cool Post!

Rodrigo R. Herrera said...

Great! Thanks for this!!

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