Friday, June 12, 2009

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Plays Lost TV Themes

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited, a Swiss duo consisting of Ernest Maeschi and Karen Diblitz, create enticing instrumentals with an ultra-modern twist that draw from a variety of genres, including spy movie theme music, surf, lounge, and exotica. They use "old-fashioned" electronics to produce powerful, exciting, mysterious, melodic and extremely catchy songs that create vivid movies inside your mind as you listen. When this album first came out, they claimed that the music here was actually written by their fathers, for Swiss television programs in the 1960s. That doesn't happen to be true, but it's an amusing "cover story", nonetheless. The music does resemble old television show music, although "hipper" than most TV themes. This album is a lot of fun, and appeal to all who like mod swingin’ "lounge" type instrumentals. Rarely does an album "grab" me the way this one did the first time I played it, right from start to finish.

SSSU gives you a soundtrack to the lifestyle you never get to have unless you are best known by three digits starting with 00. For the rest of us this is the perfect escape with music that runs the entire spectrum from scary to sleazy lounge. The result is a guilty pleasure of the instrumental variety. All their stuff is GREAT!!! No exceptions. Here is your chance to get it all in one place. Check last weeks post on the previous page for their last effort - Jo Siffert: Live Fast Die Young and you will have the whole set.

Yes, I know these have been posted by just about every instro site out in blog space, because they are so spectacular. Most instro fans should already have these, for those of you who are just discovering the world of surf/lounge/spy/sci-fi/sleaze -- this is a perfect place to start. Enjoy.


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Lee Joseph said...

Hi - this is Lee from Dionysus Records - ALL of the Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited albums are IN PRINT - avalible from iTunes, eMusic, Amazon - and on CD - all but the first two are avalible on vinyl and those two will see LP re-releases this year - I pay royalties to the duo for their sales - we would appreciate if you take down these downloads ASAP

Lee Joseph - Dionysus Records

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