Saturday, December 6, 2008

So Blue So Funky

If you're just getting into the classic B-3 organ combo sound, or have been into it for sometime, and want to get your hands on some great tracks which have fallen out of print, this is THE COLLECTION. And probably something very different than you're used to hearing. - - I mean, it’s the difference between Ruth Chris’ Steak and greasy hot barbeque at your favorite soul food joint. Both are good, but I guarentee you, sometimes its best to have that hot sauce dripping down your chin with a bit of Bro' McDuff blaring on the juke box (though you might not exactly impress your date... especially after you pop a button off your suit get that stuff all over your shirt.)

Here is the groovy soulful side of the Blue Note organ combo sound, the highlights of which are several grooves that got deep down in the vaults. Worth the purchase alone is BOOP BOP BING BASH, from an out of print Blue Note CD featuring Billy Gardner on organ and featuring George Braithe, a frequent John Patton/Ben Dixon Grant Green sideman. John Patton's Fat Judy really has that early '60s B-3 combo juke box feel. Grant Green tears the roof off on AIN'T IT FUNKY NOW with a very James Brown feel.

All About My Girl - McGriff, Jimmy 2. The Silver Meter - Patton, Big John 3. I'm Movin' On - Snow, Hank 4. Brown Sugar - Roach, Freddie 5. Hootin' 'N' Tootin' - Jackson, Fred 6. Face to Face - Willette, Baby Face 7. Plaza de Toros - Green, Grant 8. Boop Bop Bing Bash - Gardner, Billy 9. Fat Judy - Dixon, Ben 10. Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky (From Now On) - Toussaint, Allen 11. Butter (For Yo' Popcorn) - McDuff, Jack 12. Ain't It Funky Now - Brown, James


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