Friday, April 11, 2008

The Mermen - Krill Slippin'

This is a good collection of music. It is their first and most easily accessible of their recordings, and shows their homage to 60's style surf music. That being said, the Mermen redefine the genre for the post modern, post psychedelic era. Every song here is thoughtfully arranged, and brought to life in a simple yet, undeniably beautiful fashion.
All of these songs reveal what is at the heart of The Mermen experience: Epic-sized surf with a delicate soul. Very representative of their 'live' sound. No generic, three-chord, go-go beach tunes here, this is majestic and ominous surf rock for the future. Recommended as are all of their recordings.

1.Ocean Beach 2. Krill Slippin' 3. Neptune's Revenge 4. Splashin' With the Mermaid 5. Kaena 6. Over the Falls 7. Run Don't Walk 8. Sand 9. Drift 10. Big Day at the Bay 11. Hammer Head 12. Abalone Daze 13. Soul Surfin' 14. Whales 15. By the Sea I Will Stay Together 16. Goodbye




1Surfrider said...

Great, great stuff lately especially the Johnny Otis and Ben Vaughn but all the blues are classic stuff.

Tonight, April 12th, the Diamonds surf band is playing at the Glen Dale Golf Course in Glen Dale, MD (near Bowie) to benefit the Ocean City Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. All are welcome and encouraged to come, surfers or not, it'll be a ball, and it's for a great cause.

Come and buy a cool t-shirt!!!

Anonymous said...

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DaBoss said...

Sorry to have missed it -- too little notice -- my theatre troupe is doing "The Sound of Music" this week and Sat. was a full balls to the wall rehersal day - so I didn't see it until waaaaaaaay too late. It was only about 15 minutes away from me, too. Damn. Thanks for checking in and PLEASE let me know about more local surf shows.
Glad you are liking the posts - got tons of old nasty blues and other classic off the wall stuff folks might like.
Hopefully, cn catch you at a show one day.

kinka said...

Hello DaBoss!

Do you have 'The Forbidden Sounds of Don Tiki'?


DaBoss said...

"fraid not. I have The Don Tiki Remix - in the archives, tho. forbidden sounds is on my list too.

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