Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Bent Scepters – Hellavator Music

The Bent Scepters (for lack of a better word) ROCK. And Hellevator Music is simply the latest refinement of this band's uncanny knack for creating dirty, supercharged garage rock that'll rip you out of your seat, drag you feet first to the dance floor and leave you there until you've sweat all three of those vodka martinis out of your system and are still screaming for more. One of a few truly inspired bands that can actually get the swing and rockabilly crowd out on the dance floor doing the twist! Excellent 60's garage with a modern sensibility. And a Zappa cover to boot!

1. High Flying Bird 2. Mindrocker 3. Stand in Line 4. Trouble Everyday 5. Above the Law 6. Getting By on Me 7. Jack..busted 8. AllAround the World 9. Instant Peter Sellers 10. Kingpin 11. My Toyota 12. Little Olive

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