Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Knights – In Progression

The Knights have done the almost impossible. Amalgamated the old surf sound with prog rock. Sounds like this wouldn't work. It does. I'd say it leans more to the surf side, rather than proggy side, and you can feel the prog/metal vibe. They've also done a good job of covering the song Pipeline, and truly making it their own. The song is instantly recognizable as Pipeline, but this version is owned by The Knights. All instrumental, and all rockin'! A welcome addition to the collection.

1 In Progression 2 Ragtime Surf 3 Torreon 4 Yellow Jacket 5 Awakening 6 Surfin' the Badlands 7 Pipeline 8 Shelbi with an I 9 Agua Loca 10 Simple Wonders

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