Friday, January 9, 2009

The Bosch – Buy One Get One

It's fun to hear a garage band doing something different. The Bosch have a full, shuffling sound with a keyboard player who also plays sax and clarinet. The horns give them a 50s rock influence, especially on a couple of hand-clapping numbers and the ballady "Teenage Symphony." Along with rockabilly drumming, skanky upbeat horn lines, and good Lou Reed-ish rock vox, they're raucous in a Who meets the White Light/White Heat era Velvets way, but executed with good, clean fun.

Come on Phillie 2. Movie Director 3. Metronome 4. Matching Girlfriend 5. Teenage Symphony 6. Back to the Laboratory 7. Zombie Killer 8. Napoleon Invades Russia 9. Tell the Doctor

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