Saturday, January 31, 2009

Big Lazy - Self Titled

Trustar – see sidebar – turned me onto these guys a couple of years ago. These guys are GREAT. This a superb album of instrumentals played with stand-up bass (often bowed instead of plucked, making it as melodic an instrument as the guitar), reverb drenched rockabilly/jazz guitar (reminiscent of Marc Ribot's playing on "Rain Dogs" by Tom Waits), and aggressive and inventive percussion. Fans of everything from Flat Duo Jets to Charles Mingus should check this out. It's as if Lnk Wray was playing a noir-ish jazz standard like 'Harlem Nocturne'. Furthermore, there's not a bum track on the entire disc, which is pleasantly unusual. Finally, this is music that works really well as background music (what with no lyrics and hardly any singing), or in the foreground, since the ideas and playing are good enough to pay attention to. Way recommended.

1. Skinless Boneless 2. Elephant Walk 3. Just Plain Scared 4. Eenie Meenie 5. Amnesia 6. Roam/Sight Unseen 7. Crooked 8. Princess Nicotine 9. Hero Turned Suspect 10. Influenza 11. Ash Wednesday


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