Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pink Panther's Penthouse Party

By Request -- Henry Mancini was a master musician. His music will always be remembered and anytime you watch a film that he scored you'll hear what a great musician he was. You can actually hear his trademark sound and get to recognize his style. Pink Panther's Penthouse Party came out to coincide with the release of the DVD box set of the Pink Panther Movies. The CD includes the original version of the Pink Panther Theme as well as remixes of it by Fischerspooner which basically adds the signature Fischerspooner sound from (#1) and mixes a modern dance beat to the original. Also the Malibu Remix which adds a big beat sound to the original version of the track. And then there's also the Pink Panther Theme Revisited by St. Germain which slows down the track and adds a funky, jazzy and groovy beat to the original. There's also a remake of the Shot In The Dark Theme mixed with The Peter Gunn Theme called (The Gunn Mix) by Chris Mancini and Lennart. This is a fun and groovy remake which basically mixes the two Henry Mancini classics together as one piece. A great idea! The album also contains some original tracks by artists that sound or are inspired by the Henry Mancini sound. Some great tracks on here are included like Tres Tres Chic by Mocean Worker which fits perfectly here. This track has the french vocal sampling to the loungy dance beat track. Then there's Intraspettro by Les Hommes which sounds like an update Bossa Nova lounge track. Bossa Per Due is also another fun track on here dating back to 2000 but still sounding retro fresh! I remember this track was used in a Nissan Commercial back then. But a great track and work perfectly in the Pink Panther soundtrack. Other stand out cuts on here include Voulez Vous by Arling and Cameron, Sacre Francais by Dimitri From Paris, Bachelor Pad by Fantastic Plastic Machine, The Girl From Ipanema by Fantastic Plastic Machine and Smokebomb by Ursula 1000. The only track I had a problem with in the collection was San Antonio by Kinky. I like the track but I didn't think it fit here. Oh well, overall really fun.

1.Pink Panther Theme - Henry Mancini 2. Panther Theme (Fischerspooner Remix) - Henry Mancini 3. Fever (Gabin Remix) - Peggy Lee 4. Corazon - Titan 5. Smokebomb - Ursula 1000 6. The Girl From Ipanema - Pizzicato Five 7. Weapon Of Choice - Fatboy Slim 8. Sacre Francais - Dmitri From Paris 9. Summer Sun - Koop (featuring Yukimi Nagano) 10. Bachelor Pad - Fantastic Plastic Machine 11. Voulez Vous? - Arling & Cameron 12. The Pink Panther Theme - Colored by St. Germain 13. San Antonio - Kinky 14. Shot In The Dark/Peter Gunn (Under The Gunn Mix) - Chris Mancini & Lennart 15. Bossa Per Due - Nicola Conte 16. Intraspettro - Les Hommes 17. Tres Tres Chic - Mocean Worker 18. The Pink Panther Theme (Malibu Remix) - Henry Mancini




Brandonio! said...

I luv me some Mancini!This should be interesting for sure.Thanks DaBoss

Dave C said...

I was really expecting to dig this as I generally like lounge and very much like Mancini, but I just could not make it all the way through.

Thanks, nevertheless, for the post. At least I got to hear it.

oldkdawg said...

Awesome. Thank you for the way cool Mancini music.

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