Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tim Coffman – Beach and Guitar

Beach & Guitar is a collection of original tunes penned by Coffman that virtually shimmer in the hot sun and sand of Southern California and Hawaii. An outstanding effort that is, in Coffman’s words, "a product of everything I’ve ever heard." The album brings together some outstanding musicians familiar to those who know Coffman’s earlier work, as well as an ace or two uniquely suited to this specific project.

Most notably, surf guitar ace and legend Paul Johnson (Belairs, Surfaris, Duotones) and the incomparable Hawaiian steel guitarist Greg Sardinna bring instant credibility to Beach & Guitar. In an unexpected and pleasant surprise, making a guest appearance is veteran drummer Dave Raven (Surfaris, Swirling Eddies, ad infinitum).

Beach & Guitar delivers 11 stunning tracks as guitarists Anthony Da Luz and Beau Mac Dougall join in the fun and take Coffman's arrangements off the page. Drummers Duncan Moore, Brian Cantrell, Dave Raven and Dale Patterson provide the rim-shots and floor tom rumble... Keyboardist Tony Patler adds the sparkle and air. Coffman used real authentic vintage mics, recording gear and instruments to get the vintage tones. The result is a sound that is clear, warm and deep. Just like that beach vacation. More on the relaxing side of surf. If you like excellent musicianship and the DuoTones (see archives) – you will like this.

1. Ode to my VW Bus 2. Surfer Strut 3. JungleWave 4. Spy Glass 5. Tow-In 6. E-Z Riders 7. Ka Hula O Na Niu (The Dance of the Palm Trees) 8. Fresh Roses II 9. Waikiki Two-Step 10. Sunset at Waikiki 11. Last Set



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