Saturday, January 24, 2009

Upstairs At Larry's - Lawrence Welk Uncorked

Whoever thought that Lawrence Welk could be anything but "old school cool?" With revamped and remixed cuts from some of the best club DJ's around, Lawrence Welk has been re-invented and club kids and hipsters all over will soon be sipping champagne and grooving to Larry. The frothiness of the originals is not diminished in any way - making this a real heartfelt tribute. With songs like "You are My Sunshine" and "Baby Elephant Walk" backed by thumping beats and mellow grooves like "Caravan" this would be a perfect fit at any club, lounge, or party. It is best listened to the whole way through because the album is so wonderfully constructed song by song it takes you on a journey that comes full circle. All in all, fabulously fun and clever in a bubbly modern sorf of way. If you are a lover of loungey songs done with a very modern take, then you might want this. Fun to freak out the grandarents.

1. Green Sheik Of Araby Greens Keepers 2. Champagne Time Rithma 3. Baby Elephant Walk Monkey Bars 4. Caravan Groove Junkies 5. String Of Pearls Kaskade 6. Honey Boston Tea Boys 7. You Are My Sunshine Joy & The Spider 8. Baby Elephant Safari DJ Keri & DJ 43 9. You Can Dance Q-Burns Abstract Message 10. Let's Go Dance Again East Coast Boogiemen 11. Bubbles In The Wine Dex Dubious 12. Scatterbrain Nobody 13. Watch What Happens Physics 14. Let It Be Me Magic Elephant Orchestra 15. Blue Velvet Smitty




Buddies Lounge said...

Who knew Welk could sound so cool and modern! Very nice and thanks for posting. If you want to hear funky mid 1960’s LW, check out the “Apples & Bananas” cut on my show---fun stuff.

The Big “W”

Oliver said...

This is one of my favorite remix albums. It never fails to be a hit when I throw on tracks from it at parties. Even my mom--for whom "Hooked on Classics" is kind of rebellious--warmed to it after a while.

The perfect companion to this one is "Pink Panther's Penthouse Party".

Nerd42 said...

I LOVE Hooked on Classics too!!

Wow this is unbelievably cool and I will definitely play it at a party sometime :) just now somebody came by and asked "what's that?" and I was all like "Lawrence Welk!!" LOL

Anonymous said...


Gerard said...

Thanks from Holland

vilstef said...

Just bloody brilliant!

I'm digging the phat grooves. Bubbles in the Wine is classic!

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