Friday, January 16, 2009

Mister Neutron – Noreaster

Prepare yourselves, music lovers -- a NOR’EASTER is a’brewin’! This is the third -- and brand-spanking-newest -- release by one of the East Coast’s best surf/instrumental trios, Mister Neutron. It’s slathered in everything that makes this band special: creative, original modern-surf melodies, lightning-fast playing and a subtlety and tightness that comes from playing together for 24 years. The 17 songs take you on a joy ride that ricochets between serene and downright menacing. Thrill to the ferocious double picking, the chilling glissandos and the trem-bar bends.Showcasing several instro-rock styles, including modern and classic surf, a slack-key-inspired acoustic tune, Hammond organ-drenched spy rock and spaghetti western via a new arrangement of “Hang ’Em High.” And although it’s packed with New Jersey references (Point Pleasant, Sea Girt, Tiki Barber), people will do the Neutron Stomp all over the place. The perfect soundtrack to everything you'll do this summer. Enjoy.

1 The Big Island 2 Nor'easter 3 Tahiti 4 Hornet's Nest 5 Neutron Summer 6 Point Pleasant 7 Stratosfear 8 Mambo Italiano 9 Vlad the 10 Big Sur 11 Tiki Barber 12 Sea Girt Agent 13 Hang 'Em High 14 Adriatica 15 I'm a Geezer for Your Love 16 Hydroplaning/The Big Island 17 Naughty Bits [2008 Version]



zillagord said...

Can't believe I didn't leave a comment here the first time around. THis is outstanding. I read Phil Dirt's review, he said it sounded TOO MUCH like Slacktone. Well, Phil, I respect you a lot, and perhaps this does sound like ST, but manoman, this labum is sweet! Thanks for this, it's becoming a real favorite of mine!


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