Friday, January 16, 2009

Santana- Best Instrumentals Vol. 1

There are many great guitarists in the world and Carlos Santana is certainly one of those. Long ago I made my own version of this album on cassette because I wanted all these great instumentals on one tape. Finally it has been done and been done right. Hat's off to Sony for recognizing Santana's outstanding guitar playing ability and for taking the time to sift through a decades worth of music to isolate these instrumentals. Included here is a tune from Santana's first release in 1969 "Soul Sacrifice", the incomparable "Blues for Salvador" from his 1987 release of the same name as well as "Europa" from the Amigos album. Overall, it's 71 minutes of great instrumentals that will save you countless hours of attempting to sort through this masters music just to isolate his instrumental works.

This was so successful that Vol 2. was compiled – coming soon to the Lounge.

1. Samba Pa Ti - Santana, Santana, Carlos 2. Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile) - Santana, Coster, Tom 3. I Love You Much Too Much - Santana, Olshanetsky, Alexan 4. Aqua Marine - Santana, Pasqua, Alan 5. Bella - Santana, Crew, Sterling 6. Flor d'Luna (Moonflower) - Santana, Coster, Tom 7. Life Is a Lady/Holiday - Santana, Lambert, Dennis 8. Full Moon - Santana, Rustichelli, Paolo 9. Song of the Wind - Santana, Rolie, Gregg 10. Tales of Kilimanjaro - Santana, Pasqua, Alan 11. Love Is You - Santana, Santana, Carlos 12. Guru's Song - Santana, Chinmoy, Sri 13. Treat - Santana, Santana 14. Blues for Salvador - Santana, Santana, Carlos 15. Soul Sacrifice - Santana, Areas, Jose Chepito




Michael Caroff said...

I agree, this is a great album to put out! The only other one I wish they'd included is Incident at Neshabur from Abraxas, which is one of my favorites.

Also, I'm not sure why they included the studio version of Europa. I think the live version recorded in South America is so much more powerful.

Anyway, I hope to review this album soon on my Santana site.

Thanks for mentioning it! :)

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