Friday, January 9, 2009

MC Honky – I Am the Messiah

Think "United Future Organization", mixed with some "Fat Boy Slim", a pinch of "Dandy Warhols", and all layered on top of a 60's flick soundtrack.

I Am the Messiah is a bold statement for a debut artist but it might make slightly more sense when you realize that you’re actually hearing seasoned veteran, E of the Eels.

Under the moniker MC Honky, E displays a masterful ability to splice dance beats, samples, live instrumentation and weird old self-help vocal recordings into comical, absurd and sometimes heartrending tracks. "A Good Day to Be You" instructs fragile egos — "Look into the mirror, it’s a good day to be you, aww yeah"— as strings swell and cascade. "Soft Velvety Fer" captures the opposite mood. The vocals are an answering machine message left by a neurotic woman (who sounds like the woman on the Eels’ "Manchild" from Beautiful Freak) who wants to quit taking the anti-depressant Zoloft. Set to jazzy percussion and guitar, the woman’s plight is ridiculous until her fear of her own mind becomes palpable and unnerving. A wonderful album. Just makes me happy.

1. Sonnet No. 3 (Like A Duck) 2. Hung Up 3. The Object 4. A Good Day To Be You 5. Baby Elephant Rock-a-bye 6. What A Bringdown 7. Only A Rose Pt. 1 8. My Bad Seed 9. The Devil Went Down To Silverlake 10. Soft Velvety 'fer 11. The Baby That Was You 12. 3 Turntables & 2 Microphones 13. Only A Rose Pt. II



zillagord said...
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zillagord said...

Ok, this is really a taking the variety of the blog to another level. I am a HUGE fan of Eels, one of my mostest favoritest bands, and I have long wanted to hear this but somehow missed it. Thanks for the post and for you eclecticism.


DaBoss said...

Thanks, Zilla. I'm glad you liked it. This just the tip of the iceberg, there will be more styles and flavors of music coming soon.

Surf/garage isn't the only music I like or have extnsive collections of, there is more excellent and underappreciated music that I feel is worthy of exposure.

There is also a finite amount of surf/instro that is out there - I don't want to duplicate what has already been posted by our good friends in the blogosphere, if I can help it -- or, unless you as my visitors want me to.

Most importantly, due to the current financial crisis, my discretionary income is gone - I can't afford competing in the collector's market or spending the same $$$ on music as I used to. And yes, for those enquiring mids, I actually pay for and own all the music I have posted.

So - In oder to keep the blog alive and interesting, I have to go back into the massive collections of other genres that I like and have - which is what you are starting to see now.

Don't Panic, instro/surf will always be featured, maybe not as much of it at any one time.

As long as it's running FCCL will always have (IMHO) lots of really cool sounds and plenty of items that you may not be familiar with or should give serious consideration to as part of your collection.

Thanks for stopping by - see ya next time.

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