Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Star and Key of the Indian Ocean – Vintage Soup

The four secret agents composing the band still rock the crowd with their groovy/reverbin’ tunes… Star and Key of the Indian Ocean is more than just an unusual name for a band. It's a sound borne of the deep throated rumble of the surf, with all the tribal energy and melody implied. Power, pleasure, and invention conspire with spies and bronze riders of the curl to create a fresh approach to the genre.

Seven noteworthy surf instros and five vocals live in peace and harmony on the new Star And Key Of The Indian Ocean CD. But seriously, folks, this is yet another fine release from one of surfdom's more original bands. Phil Dirt, Reverb Central

1 Nitro 2 All Right 3 Camel Stomp 4 Crees 5 Fireballs 6 Please, Please 7 Cyclone
8 Your Love 9 Nagasaki 10 Yeah Baby, Yeah ! 11 Monkey Twist 12 No No No No
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