Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Residents - Third Reich and Roll with Bonus

My favorite Residents disc. In a perverse way, this is genius. Take 60s pop, mangle it and string it together in the most atonal manner and this is what you get. A crafty inversion of the happy-go-lucky sounds of a bygone era. I have to admit that many of these songs they mutate I couldn't stand in their original form (I thought that the oldies were simply corporate rock for the '50s and '60s, and because of that, psychedelic and prog rock in general had to happen). Often the band would include synth effects, and experimental passages to go between the songs they mutated. Krautrock fans would undoubted enjoy this, as this stuff would remind me of how a group like Faust would go about doing covers of oldies songs, do it in such an avant garde fashion as to certainly clear away any party. The bonus tracks are the greatest splicing together/deconstructing Sgt. Pepper and a dead on hilarious cover of Satisfaction that not only predates Devo's version but is far superior to it. In the end, the album itself is a great work of pastiche. A tad challenging, yes, but it's got a wealth of laughs that totally make it worth your while.

01 Swastikas On Parade 02 Hitler Was A Vegetarian 03 Satisfaction 04 Loser = Weed05 Beyond The Valley Of A Day In The Life 06 Flying


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