Monday, March 11, 2013

Lots of surf instros with occasional monster noises tossed in, combined with a coupla killer vocal numbers (Torso Alley and Catch Fire) make for a debut worth killig for.

1 Dratsylvania     2:50    
2 Phantom Chop     2:39    
3 Theme For Woo Kee Tsao     2:40    
4 Strachan Steve     2:04    
5 Torso Alley     2:24    
6 Zip Code     1:27    
7 Instant Soup     2:24    
8 Catch Fire     2:18    
9 Cemetary Stomp     2:10    
10 Tube City     3:42    
11 Los Tigres Del Norte(s)     2:26    
12 Manglers & Stranglers     2:14    
13 Return To Dratsylvania


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Davie Allen Bykedelics

Fuzz from the master of Fuzz. Enjoy.
1. Dakota
2. Space Rift
3. Journey into Darkness
4. Recycled
5. Fender Bender
6. Encounter
7. Cry of the Lonely
8. Another Moped in Schenectady
9. Fast and Loose
10. Flashback
11. Theme from the Unknown
12. Peyote
13. Organized
14. Blues Theme/The Born Losers Theme


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Barry Bachman - The Lost Tapes of the Cyclin' Cowboy Surfers

We have 60's surf styles with a modern twist and from a fictitious band created by Barry Bachman. The music here is in Ventures territory with an eye on the beach, but it isn't as much surf as instro with a surf tribute. Barry Bachman plays all the instruments, so it lacks the chemistry of a band. Some of the tracks are very listenable tho so it is worth checkinbg out to add to your collection.

1. The Cyclin' Cowboy Surfers (Theme)    
2. Ridin' The Waves    
3. The Lonley Surfer    
4. Hot Rod Cycle Song    
5. Siren Song    
6. Surfin' A Go Go    
7. Drivin' My Woody    
8. Surfer War Chant    
9. Ocean Nights    
10. Tidal Wave   
11. Sleepwalking On The Shore    
12. Prairie Oysters


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wadadli Riders - Made in Antiqua

Short slab of fun, slightly island influenced instro surf. The coolest surf combo from the Caribbean island of Antigua. Well mixed with lots of reverb, crazy drums and a tropical taste. Sip a few Painkillers and float away in your own dreams after a hard day of life.

1. Dwell At 10    
2. Caribbean Vibes    
3. The Killer Wave    
4. Brown Recluse    
5. Calm Before A Storm    
6. Kawaramachi    
    7. JBL D-130F    
    8. Mozipel Twist    
    9. Hurricane Season    
    10. Going My Wave


Saturday, November 10, 2012

GT Stringer - Up Periscope

Highly original and ultra enjoyable surf from a jazz perspective, blending surf, rock and jazz guitar with big console organ and baritone sax, like the Graham Bond Organization had they ever seen Mavericks. Amazing Phil Dirt
All instrumental, highly recommended. Love The Craw.

1 Up Periscope     4:34    
2 Left Hand Yiros     3:53    
3 Take The Drop     3:47    
4 Depth Charge     4:04    
5 Bullseye     2:07    
6 Erika     3:19    
7 International Au Go Go     3:33    
8 Bellyflop     4:32    
9 Femme Fatale     2:29    
10 The Craw


Friday, August 17, 2012

Upstairs At Larry's - Lawrence Welk Uncorked

Upstairs At Larry's - Lawrence Welk Uncorked

Whoever thought that Lawrence Welk could be anything but "old school cool?" With revamped and remixed cuts from some of the best club DJ's around, Lawrence Welk has been re-invented and club kids and hipsters all over will soon be sipping champagne and grooving to Larry. The frothiness of the originals is not diminished in any way - making this a real heartfelt tribute. With songs like "You are My Sunshine" and "Baby Elephant Walk" backed by thumping beats and mellow grooves, songs like "Caravan" would be a perfect fit at any club, lounge, or party. It is best listened to the whole way through because the album is so wonderfully constructed song by song it takes you on a journey that comes full circle. All in all, fabulously fun and clever in a bubbly modern sort of way. If you are a lover of loungey songs done with a very modern take, then you might want this. Fun to freak out the grandparents.

1. Green Sheik Of Araby Greens Keepers 2. Champagne Time Rithma 3. Baby Elephant Walk Monkey Bars 4. Caravan Groove Junkies 5. String Of Pearls Kaskade 6. Honey Boston Tea Boys 7. You Are My Sunshine Joy & The Spider 8. Baby Elephant Safari DJ Keri & DJ 43 9. You Can Dance Q-Burns Abstract Message 10. Let's Go Dance Again East Coast Boogiemen 11. Bubbles In The Wine Dex Dubious 12. Scatterbrain Nobody 13. Watch What Happens Physics 14. Let It Be Me Magic Elephant Orchestra 15. Blue Velvet Smitty


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Tomorrow Men - It's About Time Revised

 Original melodies, progressions, arrangements influenced by some of the very best surf bands in the world - The Madeira, Man or Astroman?, Dick Dale, Laika and The Cosmonauts, The Ventures, The Bambi Molesters, Pollo Del Mar, Satan's Pilgrims, Slacktone, Los Twang Marvels.  The songs are top notch - melodic surf with a sharp edge, an old feel and a modern vibe.  They sound like a fusion of many bands but in the end, have a unique sound, fast and furious guitars. A keeper.

In deference to the band's request - I have removed the full album and posted the 1st 3 cuts as evaluation samples. Like it - go buy it, like I did.

1. Dr. Kilometers (Uncertainty Principle)     2:28    
    2. Tempori Parendum     2:49    
    3. Maelstrom     3:37    
    4. Curse You Fred Haines     2:42    
    5. Midnight At The ChronoLab     3:29    
    6. Mobius Transformation     2:55
    7. Argosy     2:31    
    8. Phistful of Photons     3:10    
    9. Claire de Lune     3:40    
    10. Run Ripley Run     2:46    
    11. Momentium     3:46    
    12. Chronosurf     2:40    
    13. Requiem for a TomorrowMan     3:06


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Invisible Surfers- Till That Day

Things are getting better on the home front and you will be seeing more regular posts, new stuff (at least to me), and reposts of what I can find. Thanks for all of your support and patience, it is appreciated. Enjoy. 

The Invisible Surfers
Till That Day

Modern surf punk with a heavy tone. A three piece instrumental combo from Greece.
The three boys play fast rocking instros in a remarkably twangy style. Their sound reminds me of Huevos Rancheros, Link Wray and Thee Heatscores.
They have been tearing up the Greek and European music scene for many years. Their blistering mix of Punk, Blues and Surf have attracted fans worldwide. Nice stuff.

01. Invisible Surfers - Bad Brakes (03:37)
02. Invisible Surfers - Los Pilotos Esta'n Muertos (03:05)
03. Invisible Surfers - Burned Brain (02:37)
04. Invisible Surfers - Hey You Beg For Mercy (03:27)
05. Invisible Surfers - Down At Santa Marina (03:35)
06. Invisible Surfers - Lickin' Nipples (03:23)
07. Invisible Surfers - No Warning (02:43)
08. Invisible Surfers - Two Miles Woman (03:19)
09. Invisible Surfers - Got To Go (Leaving You In Misery) (03:02)
10. Invisible Surfers - O.D. From Love (03:24)
11. Invisible Surfers - Totally Satisfied (03:37)


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Shadowymen On A Shadowy Planet Tribute

have to admit, some tributes are hit or miss -- you may like some tracks, but some of the covers may sound flat or uninspired, falling short of originals' level of quality -- BUT NOT SO HERE.
With this release, the opposite is true. The songs take a new life of their own and the end result is a genuine treasure. I've bought my share of instro tributes, but this one is better than all.
The reason? I have to guess that it's got a lot to do with The Shadowy Men's status as one of the forefathers of the third wave of Surf Instro, and being a seminal band in both the US and Canada.
Don't miss out on this one. A++ all the way.

1. Good Cop Bad Cop 2. Zombie Compromise 3. Shake Some Evil - Mulchmen 4. Egypt Texas - Insect Surfers 5. Customized 6. Harlem by the Sea 7. Having an Average Weekend 8. Reid's Situation - Spy-Fi 9. Aunt's Invasion - The Sandblasters 10. Hot Box Car 11. Jackpot 12. Ben Hur Picked off in a Gazebo - Pop Defect, 13. Siesta Cinema 14. Unwatchable/Three Piece Suit - Squid Vicious 15. That Wuz Ear Me Callin' a Horse - Breakfastime 16. Spy School Graduation Theme - Squid Vicious 17. Mecca 18. Algoma Reflections - The Sadies 19. Peas Porridge Rock/You Spin Me Round '86 - The Surfdusters 20. They Don't Call Them Chihuahuas Anymore 21. Off Our Back Conrad Black - The Sawney Bean Band 22. Memories of Gay Paree


Shark Quest - Man on Stilts

With the emergence in the 1990s and 2000s of Scenic, Friends of Dean Martinez, Vivid Low Sky (the last of whom, like Shark Quest, are also from Chapel Hill), and now Shark Quest, there seems to be a mini-vogue for instrumental indie rock with a cinematic, desert-sweeping grandeur. This mine-genre is so small (and probably unlucrative) that it's impossible to accuse Shark Quest of bandwagon jumping. Nonetheless, for those familiar with the other acts named above, they'll spark unavoidable comparisons. Not so much to Vivid Low Sky (who, despite sharing the same hometown, have a harsher and more dissonant rock aesthetic) as to Friends of Dean Martinez, in the bent for twanging guitars and a certain Southwestern border feel. With both Friends of Dean Martinez and Scenic, there's an affinity with the soundtrack drama of Ennio Morricone. What, then, makes Shark Quest stand apart? It could be that they're more eclectic than any of those other groups, particularly via the folk influence added by Sara Bell's mandolin and banjo. There are unexpected sounds such as the "Shaft-like guitar on "Crazy Laura," and the classical cello on "Kell." The compositions and melodies are moody and haunting, the tempos and instrumentally varied. It's still more suitable for ambient diversion than foreground excitement, but it's a nicely done, decently imaginative recording.All Music review

 1 Chicken Strings
2 All Ball
3 Race Dragging
4 Sesame Hijack
5 Crazy Laura
6 Kell
7 Hugging Is Affecting China
8 Here Sparky
9 Clocks In The Arctic


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