Friday, January 16, 2009

'63 Burnout - Trouble At The Speedway

What do you get when you take 1 guitar, 1 bass, 1 drum kit, 2 days in the studio, a hand full of microphones and a fridge full of PBR? One hell of a ROCK album – that’s what! Influenced heavily by 60’s/70’s rock music, surf and rockabilly, '63 Burnout plays hard driving, hot roddin’ instro ROCK music in Seattle, Washington recorded at Studio Litho. Members hail from several legendary local Pacific Northwest bands, like Attacko, The Spaceneedles, Hot Lava Monsters, Bloodhag and The Seamonkees. Searing guitar licks are provided by none other than Thom Beckman who writes most of the trio’s material. The rhythm section is filled out by Jim Freeman on bass and Rodd Karp on drums. Hard driving, hot roddin' instrumental rock from Seattle, WA. An original mix of rockabilly, surf, spy and noir. You won’t be disappointed. DABoss guarantees it!!!!
1. Trouble At the Speedway 2. Action Boy Go! 3. Flathead Fury 4. Nashville Stomp 5. Drag the Lake 6. The Ballad of El Guitardo 7. Skull Shifter 8. Pin Up Doll 9. '63 Burnout 10. Pipeline 11. Brodie 12. Orange Guitar 13. Sleepwalk 14. Theme From Attacko


zillagord said...

I have been looking for this one FOREVER!! Ok, that may be hyperbole, but I am pretty hyped myself to finallty find this. Thanks so much! I have a feeling I will be grabbing that Mr. Neutron as well. Thanks for abetting what promises to be a great weekend.

zillagord said...

Wow. I am only 2 songs in and I am loving it. Thanks again, Boss.

Memo to Brandonio: Grab this one, mate.

Jim Freeman '63 BO said...

Man, on behalf of the rest of the band, thanks for the kind words!

This site rocks!

'63 Burnout

DaBoss said...

Thanks Jim for the kudos and the compliment. I always enjoy seeing the bands that play the great music we love here at the Lounge checking us out and being cool about posting their music. We want to celebrate your efforts and let others know that you exist and play great stuff. I never hurts to have more publicity and build an appreciative audience. Hearing your music gets my juices flowing to see you guys live and support you anyway we can. Keep rockin' guys!

Brandonio! said...

2 thumbs up on this one! Sounds like great music to crash a car to.I mean that as a major compliment by the way.I have to admit I've never heard of the band before,but I'm always looking for great music,and so far this is fitting bill nicely.
Thanks Guys

Jim Freeman '63 BO said...

Hey Fat City and Friends -

It's '63 Burnout again. The reason you haven't heard of us, Brandonio, is that we are a small independent unsigned band from Seattle WA/USA. We appreciate the interest and support but we do want to encourage folks to actually purchase some of our music if you can. We're working on our second album right now and we've got to rustle up some funds to get it out around the globe. Indie music in general, needs all of the support it can get or it is going to dry up and disappear. Don't get us wrong - we love that people are able to get exposed to our music and our digging it. In any event, I apologize for the preaching, I'm sure you guys have heard it all before.

The main reason I'm writing is to ask for everyone's help. Right now we are in a fierce battle of the bands and we need your vote. If you downloaded our CD and like what we do, please go to the following link and vote for '63 Burnout:

If the link doesn't work for just do a search for "Ron and Don Rake The Band" and that should get you to the right place.

Thanks again for listening and posting.

Delta_slider said...

Nice post! Stop by my blog for a couple recent posts of great rockabilly from the Denver area that you will not find anywhere else.

DaBoss said...

Hi Guys,\

Slipped over and voted for '63 Burn Out in the battle of the bands. They were totally superior than the competition. Let's keep the ball rollin' and give them our support. Wowsers!

Slackjack said...

Only got onto blog today - love the music. Tried to vote but bands are only up for one week, so I missed out. However, as I am from the land downunder, I will spread the word here. Keep on burnin' - out

Slackjack said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jim Freeman '63 BO said...

Hey There Everybody:

Turns out there's no accounting for taste. proven by the fact that we just won our leg of the Rake The Band Contest as part of the Ron and Don Show on KIRO AM/FM in Seattle WA. More than a thousand people overall. Out of the 5 bands in contention, we are proud to say that we blew away the competition by a margin of more than 2 to 1. Soooooo..............

Thank you for your support!!!

We appreciate it very much.

Anyway, at this juncture we do not know what's up next. The folks at the radio station have been somewhat non-communicative. Since the Ron and Don Show has been doing these things every few weeks for the past couple of months, we assume there will be some sort of run off between all of the contest winners for a chance to play live for an hour on the air with live streaming for the folks Down Under. We will keep you posted - and just might be knocking on your door for another vote in the near future.

Thanks again!

Jim Freeman Rodd Karp and Thom Beckman
'63 Burnout


February 6th - The Funhouse
March 6th - Jules Mae's
March 15th - The High Dive
April The Anchor
May 3rd: ABATE Motorcycle Show Ellensberg
May 16th - Slim's Last Chance


Jim Freeman '63 BO said...

Hey There -

We need your help one more time. All of the previous winners of the Ron and Don Show's Rake The Band (Seattle/Tacoma USA KIRO AM/FM) are now going head to head for a chance to play live for one hour on the radio. Please take the time to vote for '63 Burnout/Trouble At The Speedway:


Jim Rodd and Thom

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