Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Pyronauts – Live at the Mystic Theatre

Live at the Mystic Theatre featuring Dusty Watson is a live album that complements the studio release of The Pyronauts Surf and Destroy. Dusty Watson, drummer extraordinare, has drummed for Dick Dale, Lita Ford, Concrete Blonde, Supersuckers, Agent Orange, Jon and the Nightriders, and now The Pyronauts. He is known in the surf music community as THE BEST surf rock drummer by far. It was an honor for The Pyronauts to be able to perform with Dusty and he was gracious enough to agree to release their debut performance together! Keep in mind that before this concert, in front of hundreds of screaming fans, the band had about 20 minutes of rehearsal with Dusty Watson. With this disc you've got the best seat in the house - so sit back, hang on, close your eyes, and be transported back to that awesome night to relive the magic!

The Pyronauts' music is invigorating and fun. Listen to it while working out to help you get pumped up, while driving to cruise in style, at a party to get the ladies dancing, or when you're feeling down to get a laugh! Surf music is a kick in the pants, and The Pyronauts won't disapoint. Music, in general, has a healing quality, but The Pyronauts brand of surf music takes you to a tropical beach with your toes in the sand and a Mai Tai in your hand! The playful sounds evoke images of surfer girls, warm island sun, and a calm breeze!

1 Penetration 2 The Ghastly Stomp 3 Iron Board 4 Beach Bum 5 Lake Surfin' 6 Sleepwalk 7 Pie 8 Mike's Barracuda 9 Supertanker Surf 10 Endless Summer 11 Cal-Tiki 12 Sifaka 13 Wipe Out



marino said...

Excellent post of instro-guitar.
Thank you
2009 began beautifully
Marino - Brazil

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eda said...


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