Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

I'd like to thank everyone who has made this blog so much fun to do and share.

Thanks to my followers who keep checking in and commenting on the posts and enjoying them.

Thanks to my fellow bloggers who post their goodies and improve my stock.

Thanks to the 1st time readers, who stumble upon the Lounge or are referred here by someone else. I hope you expand your musical tastes and get some new things to feed your head with.

Thanks to my friends in the blogosphere who inspire and challenge me to scout out new and different music for myself and post it for sharing.

And even thanks to the infamous RIAA for getting off thier high horse and coming down to earth with reasonable veiws on music sharing. It's about damn time!!!!

And finally, thanks to the bands, the musicians, songwriters, composers, and publishers who make all this great music possible.

2009 is going to be a blst here in the Lounge. Going much more eclectic than last year - so - hang on the rail and let me know what you like, don't like and want more of.




zillagord said...

Happy New Year, Boss! Thanks for all the great tunes. I have actually learned quite a bit about instro rock at The Lounge, you seem to consistently post stuff I haven't heard of. I look forward to having a "blst" in 2009, whatever that means.


PS: I've never made a typo in my lief, lol.

terrina said...

New Year's Day is the first day of the new year. On the modern Gregorian calendar, it is celebrated on January 1, as it was also in ancient Rome (though other dates were also used in Rome). In all countries using the Gregorian calendar as their main calendar, except for Israel, it is a public holiday,[citation needed] often celebrated with fireworks at the stroke of midnight as the new year starts. January 1 on the Julian calendar corresponds to January 14 on the Gregorian calendar, and it is on that date that followers of some of the Eastern Orthodox churches celebrate the New Year.


eda said...


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