Friday, April 3, 2009

Mo’plen 4000 – Glamorous Boogie Grooves For a Fashion Lifestyle

I've never totally associated Italy with cool groove-lounge funk, but this album has almost changed my perception. 60’s and 70’s boogie funk from Italy. Kind of like the Italian version of the Sound Gallery. There are some seriously funky songs on here, though not in the traditional sense. Unfortunately, there are also some cardboard "maybe-recycling-isn't-always-good" songs. Anywhooo - the instrumentation almost always catches your ears, even if you've heard versions of these songs before. When it's good, you love the feeling of having stumbled upon a rare groove track that no one has heard before. When it's okay, it's decent background music. When it's bad, you start wondering whether or not you cleaned up the dishes from dinner and decide to check. If you're looking for some cool, unusual groove tracks, but don't mind some filler, then give this a try.

1. Cocco Secco - Ormi, Paulo 2. Batticuore – Serio 3. Che Meraviglia - Bardotti 4. Superstar - Rice, Tim 5. No No No - Ormi, Paolo 6. Night Song - Robbiati 7. Passo le Mie Notti Qui da Solo - Bonicatti 8. Skyscrapers - Deodato 9. Rive Bianche - Nicolai 10. Aquarius - Ragni, G. 11. Come Cani Arrabbiati - Molino 12. La No No No - Ormi, Paolo 13. Ragazza Di Ipanema - Jobim, A.C. 14. Love on Love - Bonfanti 15. Passatempi - Nicolai, Bruno 16. Oh! Calcutta - Walden
17. I Bikini - Piccioni 18. Saudade de Nise - Scannapieco, R.



Oracle said...

Thanks for the upgrade. Been listening to a 128 version forever. You da man.

DaBoss said...

We live to serve.

SylNYC said...

Haha... funny review. I've owned this CD since 2003 and been --- well, checking on my dirty dishes ever since ;-)

sweetbeats said...

Looking Forward to this Volume 1 is amazing : )
Cheers j

Don't Blink! said...

So bummed .. most of these FANTASTIC tunes are not available to DL. Boo Hooooooo.

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