Friday, April 24, 2009

Sabrositas - Beach Blanket Banditos

Here's a treat for ya. Mighty fine., melodic surf and twang done right. Good melodies, excellent musicianship, thorough understanding of the art form and overall a nice bunch of instro music. Brandonio might hav posted this a long time ago, but I scored a CD-Rom and thought it was worth sharing in full 320 glory. Enjoy.

1. Lowtide 2.Ripcurl 3. Secret UNCLE Man 4.Tiki Doll 5.Sabrosa 6. Autoerotica 7.Beach Blanket Banditos 8. $ Drink Minimum 9. Atomic Salsa 10. Weekend in Juarez 11. Paco’s Revenge 12. Devotion



Brandonio! said...

yes I did post this. not many people downloaded it though.

Rockinbee said...

For you're info, these guys were a local Tucson, AZ band. Now broke up and gone on to other things. A great cd though.


paul said...

Go to Be Bop Wino for his surf/instro compilation from 45's, called Joan Selects vol 11. I'm sure it'll hit the spot.
Cheers Paul

DaBoss said...

Agreed- great cd - hope visitors take advantage of it. Thanks for the info Rockinbee.

Paul-got it and all the other Joan selects - stunning comps. Recommended for all. thnx

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