Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lanterna -ST

This work really transcends whatever label you want to put on it. Equally at home in collections of Surf, New Age, goth, or ambient music, Lanterna is a simply beautiful collection of songs suitable for candle-lit latenights, rainy Saturdays, dinnertime, bathtime, or bedtime. This instrumental rock music evokes sweeping landscapes, soaring vistas and ethereal galaxies. It's not rock in the raucous sense. The backbeats and guitar riffs make it very surfy sounding, with some ambient and electronic washes thrown in. It's a great soundtrack for a moody road trip. The album's strong point is its continuity and cohesiveness: the songs meld together like an epic poem. The downside of this, of course, is that the songs individual character may easily escape; but over time, careful listeners are sure to find a very personal favorite. If you like Friends of Dean Martinez – see FCCL archives and Twilight Zone – in links, or even instrumental Calexico - you will like this a lot. A superb compendium of atmospheres and not crappy new age schmaltz.

Silent Hills 2. Down By The Seine 3. 4. 1985 5. Dark Spring 6. Passage 7. Colossus 8. End Of The Tunnel 9. Bells 10. Down By The Seine 11. Ether Net 12. No. 7 Galerie Des Anciennes 13. Dragon Season 14. Achieving Oneness 15. Slides 16. Dawn 17. Puerto De Luna



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