Friday, April 3, 2009

The Sound Spectrum

This collection of Brit lounge music is excellent. Part of a series that includes the House of Loungecore & the Sound Gallery – see Xtabay in links - , these little known cuts (on this side of the Ocean, anyway) will bring a smile to your face and joy to your day. Beautifully orchestrated and full of suprising instrumentation, this music is a little different from the sometimes bland type of music people sometimes associate with lounge. Who can resist a disco funk version of the theme from 2001? I completely recommend this.

1. Get Carter - Budd, Roy 2. Love Is a Four Letter Word - Budd, Roy 3. Gettin' Nowhere in a Hurry - Budd, Roy 4. Plaything - Budd, Roy 5. A Grow Your Own - Warburton 6. Touch of Velvet, a Sting of Brass - Ferdy 7. Stiletto - Ramin 8. Heavy Water - Davies, Ray 9. Hurry to Me - Morricone, Ennio 10. The Headband - Schroeder, John 11. Loner - Harrison 12. Busy Boy - Dicks, Ted 13. Birds - Hatch, Tony 14. Mach 1 - Kendall 15. Also Sprach Zarathustra Op. 30 - Strauss, Richard 16. Pegasus - Vickers, Mike 17. Split Level – Warburton



Oracle said...

Never seen this one. Looking forward to hearing it. Thanks. :O

Mr. Suave said...

Nice and easy. One of the first lounge records I owned, and still a favorite.

DaBoss said...

Thanks, guys. Glad you like - more on its way.

Can you help me - some of the lounge links need reposting - I'm going to look thru myself, but - I might miss something. I you also want to post your list of reposts - I'd appreciate it and then I'll get to work.


Aguar said...

Hola saludos incluido este sitio en Rock-Blogroll
si te parece pon tambien un link

footrack said...

I've been looking for this one since my tape and my ghettoblaster commit suicide together.
In my memories, my release was containing 'Sister Goose and the Ducklings - Super Shine No. 9' ...

Have a hear here :

Still looking for it...

Thx anyway.

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