Friday, April 3, 2009

Terry “Buffalo” Ware – Reverb Confidential

Very welcome return for the excellent Oklahoma guitarist Terry after his previously well received two earlier albums. Maybe it's because he's from Oklahoma, but the all-instrumental Reverb Confidential by Terry "Buffalo" Ware has a desolate, dark quality at times, reminiscent of John Blakely's "surf noir" Tan Mantis (see archives). Have to say this is excellent and will appeal to any guitar fans out there. Modern yet Ventures tinged; clean and with reverb; decent melodies on a mainly original set. "Sand Dune" is a lovely track with a bit of Duane sound floating in there and "Sleepy August Moon" is just gorgeous - almost cajun. "Sleepwalking Talk" is a tribute to Santo & Johnny and fun it is too. The 'Memphis'- like "Groovy Grubworm" gets a great treatment - better than the 1969 original IMHO. Songs like "Our Man 008" prove our man Buffalo to be a contemporary instrumental rocker - like old schoolers Blakely and Paul Johnson and neo-surfers Laika & The Cosmonauts and The Plungers - capable of bringing the genre into the new millennium. As with the others, great guitar chops is a given; the secret is solid, melodic compositions exhibiting big, eclectic ears.

1 Bob, Meet Buster 2 Turbo Wha? 3 Sleepwalking Talk (Homage to Santo, Johnny & Ann Farina) 4 Groovy Grubworm 5 Our Man 008 6 Sleepy August Moon 7 Rumhogan Road 8 Dangerous Dana 9 Sand Dune 10 Trigger Thumb 11 Here's Yer Souvenir 12 Remember Christmas


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