Saturday, April 11, 2009

Plastron - Enchanted Evening

"Once the surf guitar of the first three tracks has washed over you, Plastron kick sand with the appropriately titled Blast exploding into something altogether punkier, funkier, catchier and downright scarier. From then on this Philly-based, garage, psychedelic, new-wave, whatsamacallit run amok like a rabid Scooby Doo through haunted woods, vertiginous galaxies and cavernous depths. By halftime they’ve administered a master shot of adrenaline that an elephant dart of Diazepam couldn’t combat.

On occasion they slip: occasionally you’ll accuse vocalist Lil of openly mimicking either EP-era Karen O (sans Neanderthal sex), or, during Scary Circus, the faux-innocence of Stefani. But, ultimately, the flaws add to the charm, the uncertainty as to whether everyone is in the same race barely affording the listener time to breathe.

Even when the sub-3 minute orgasm Pizaaz teases you with climax - lyrics unravelling into ‘Oohs’, ‘Aaahs’ and ‘Ngarghs!’ while clinically-possessed guitar, bass, and cans throb relentlessly behind - they shoot further still into Crusader Invader and, strong contender for song-title-of-the-year, Kick-Ass Bar Mitzvah (with Kalashnikov snares no less!). Finally, once 45 seconds of this magnificent, lurching album reverse before your ears on closer Reprise, you are plunked back at the start, dizzy but safe in the sand. Now, have a quick-deserved rest before jumping back in the rip for another ride."

~Andy Knight, Coloursonic, UK

Think B52's meet Wendy O and Lydia Lunch - whoa.

1. Esirper 2. Electric Box 3. Extra Strength Dog Polish 4. Blast 5. El Gato 6. Enchanted Evening 7. Jet Fueled Mind 8. Roctopus 9. Scary Circus10. Pinazz 11. Crusader Invader 12. Kick Ass Bar Mitzvah 13. Reprise


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labsenpai said...

Sweet! I've wanted to hear more Plastron after finding some random MP3s of theirs years ago (couple not on this album).

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