Friday, April 24, 2009

Nick at Nite: Goes to Outer Space

Like any other disc in the Nick at Nite series, Nick at Nite: Goes to Outer Space gathers a number of oldies that have vaguely similar lyrical or thematic sentiments. In this case, it's songs about space. Since Nick At Nite doesn't air that many sci-fi shows, there are only a couple cuts here, such as the Lost in Space theme, that really have anything to do with television. The bulk of the disc consists of oldies about space or space travel. "Oldies" is actually a loose term -- there are only a few songs, such as the Byrds' "Mr. Spaceman," from the '60s. Much of the album is comprised of new wave hits, but even these aren't necessarily familiar -- Blondie's "Rapture" is a retro-radio staple, but less known Adam Ant's "Apollo 9" and OMD's "Apollo XI" are quite good. So, Nick at Nite: Goes to Outer Space is marketed as nostalgia, but it's music that not everybody will be nostalgic for. A weird category indeed. Despite these problems, there are enough good songs and skewed fun to make it worthwhile.

1. Star Trek Theme (Album Version) 2. Apollo 9 Adam Ant 3. Starflight After The Fire 4. Cosmik Debris (Album Version) Frank Zappa 5. Attack Of The Radioactive Hamster From A Planet Near Mars (Album Version) Weird Al Yankovic 6. Apollo XI (Album Version) Orchestral Manoeuvers In The Dark 7. Rockit (Album Version) Herbie Hancock 8. Rapture (Album Version) Blondie 9. Shining Star (Album Version) Earth, Wind & Fire 10. Alien (Album Version) Atlanta Rhythm Section 11. Mr. Spaceman (Album Version) The Byrds 12. Lost In Space Theme (Album Version) John Williams


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