Friday, April 3, 2009

Big Lazy – Postcards From X

This Brooklyn New York instrumental trio has been together for several years; fans of the late great TV cop show Homicide: Life on the Streets might be familiar with their work, which was used often as incidental music on the show. The band, known as Lazy Boy before losing a battle with the recliner company, consist of electric guitar, acoustic bass, and drums. They play a seductive, noirish blend that combines traditional trash/twang guitar instrumental music with strong elements of Jazz and film music a la Nino Rota. The band rarely lapses into cliche and seems to be able to come up with endless variation for their of harmonically dark, yet sonically lush mood pieces. This is their newest and worth adding to your collection.

Thy Name is Woman 2. Walk It Off 3. Glitter Gulch 4. Drug Czar 5. France 6. His Brother's Wife 7. Postcard from X 8. To Hell in a Handbasket 9. Pulsacion #4 10. Naked 11. The Confidence Man


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barkingdog said...

many thanks for this & the other 2 you have posted.

cheers from the dog.

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