Friday, April 24, 2009

Far Out: Swinging Bachelor Pad Music

Not to be confused with collections of vintage cuts from the golden age of authentically cool-to-silly topical lounge and exotica (1953-1963), Water Music's Far Out: Swinging Bachelor Pad Music is a mini-festival of 21st century electronic production that draws largely upon the work of mix and remix artists from the roster of Irma Records, a label based in Bologna, Italy. Although the widespread revival of the phrases that make up the title of this album has brought the vernacular to the brink of overuse, there's no denying that the original Cold War lounge recordings (swinging, space age or otherwise designated) have spawned an amazing post-postmodern semi-send-up genre of beat-driven entertainment that fairly bristles with elements of jazz/organ combo and cocktail jazz, jet-set pop and good-life sleaze within a conceptual arena rendered peculiarly stimulating by most every methodological trope known to modern electronica. . Anamaria, The Odd Couple, Be Bop A Lula, Tequila Bum Bum are faves.

1. Anamaria (Tito Valdez Remix) Key Tronics Ensemble 2. L'altra Sera Al Ristorante Monsieur Blumberg 3. Ass Enchillada Hammond Express 4. The Odd Couple (Party Version) Capiozzo & Mecco 5. La Nudista Daniele Luppi 6. Dona Flor Black Mighty Wax 7. Takin On Italian Secret Service 8. FaFaVa Swing Capiozzo & Mecco 9. Julie Christie Lorraine Bowen 10. Be Bop A Lula Challenger 11. Mad Atari Dj Rodriguez 12. After Pizza Sam Paglia 13. Tequila Bum Bum Montefiori Cocktail 14. Whisky A GoGo Capiozzo & Mecco 15. Bow Wow Tommy Bass 16. The Odd Couple (Vocal Version) Capiozzo & Mecco


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