Friday, April 17, 2009

The All Nighters - Drink The Night

Originally created out of a pure love and interest for many different forms of musical expression, the All-Nighters continue to break down the boundaries limiting the sonic freedom of instrumental bands that have come before them. Their revolutionary sound draws influence from a wide variety of classic genres, all combining to form a very modern and refreshing approach to "instro/surf" music. They harness the energy and personality of surf, punk, country, rockabilly, ska, gypsy, classical and others to form a intermixed collage of sounds and emotions which flows with flawless focus; despite the often drastic changes in style, like the soundtrack to a great movie. Phil Dirt gives them 4 stars. Excellent instro for all.

1 Gypsy Skank 2 Moonshine At Sunrise 3 Drink The Night 4 Satanic Surf Psycho 5 Tropical Siesta 6 Showdown 7 Chingada 8 It Wasn't That Bad 9 Jackie The Rat 10 Opium Den 11 Folsom 12 Cold Water 13 Ecstasy 14 Pretty 50's


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