Saturday, April 11, 2009

Surf Punks – Party Bomb

Put together punk rock with surf revival, and whuddya get? The Surf Punks! Led by Dennis Dragon, this '80s outfit combined SoCal breeziness with punk brashness, turning patches of sand into mosh pits up and down the coasts. Combining the frivolity of early Beach Boys stuff with the agressiveness of late '80s California skate punk (a la the Dickies, Redd Cross) and a bit of B-52s and Devo type wackiness. A best of collection from their late-'80s releases for Restless and Enigma-catch the $#@! wave! Surf Punks did indeed roll a fat party bomb on this 1988 release! Loud, dumb and proud. “Somebody Ripped My Stick” is worth the price of admission by itself.

No Fat Chicks 2. Dummies 3. Meet Me at the Beach 4. Klo-Rene 5. Ya Shoulda Been Here Yesterday 6. Surf Instructor 7. Someone Ripped My Stick 8. Shoulder Hopper 9. Big Top 10. Shark Attack 11. Sealed with a Kiss [1&2] 12. Wave Spy 13. Medley: Beat on the Brat/Do You Want to Dance/Let's Dance 14. Come On-A My House



Mr. Suave said...

Excellent. Just dumb fun, but what fun!

Unknown said...

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