Friday, April 17, 2009

Obscurity File – VA Twisted Comedy

This is a compilation album of wonderfully "politically incorrect" ditties. If you're a long-time Dr. D listener, you've probably heard most of them on his show. As with most comps, the reason to get this one as opposed to one of the Dr. Demento albums is the particular combo of songs. Mostly New Wave and punk songs, plus a few novelty songs. As with any comp -- some of the songs are good (Funky Poodle is my fave), some are not so good, yet necessary for any good collection of trashy funny stuff.

Kinko the Clown - Ogden Edsl 2. Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage - Killer Pussy 3. Funky Poodle - Wild Horses, Wild Horses 4. Pajama Party - Unit 3 UK, Venus 5. Earthquake Song - Little Girls 6. Dwarf Tossin' – Boquet of Veal 7. Buffy Come Back - Angel and the Reruns 8. Time Is a Ticky Talk – Klondike Karl 9. See You on the Other Side - Brian Briggs 10. Harley David (Son of a Bitch) - The Bollock Brothers 11. Ronnie's Song -LAX 12. Urban Struggle - The Vandals 13. Cowpunk - Scott Goddard 14. Rodeo Song- Bird and McDonald 15. Kinko Returns - Ogden Edsl



Mr. Suave said...

HA. Some of these I actually liked back in the day as cool new wave songs -- Urban Struggle, Teenage Enema Nurse, Buffy come Back, to be sure.

Schmalx said...

Link dead! Re up please?

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