Friday, April 17, 2009

Surf Punks – Oh No! Not Them Again!

What can you say, they're so darn good they had to cover their own song. (My Beach 2000) And hey, how 'bout the chewy goodness of that Casiotone we all got for Christmas in eighth grade on "Ride the Wild Surf". (Can't listen to the original version after hearing theirs.) "Klo-rene" is such a niiiice song too. Ya know it's the true conisseur (is that right?) of the sweet life that can enjoy the alluring combination of salt water on the brain and power chords that is "Oh No...Not Them Again" More dumb loud fun.

1. My Beach 2000 Listen 2. ...And Then the Cops Came Listen 3. Life's a Beach Listen 4. Chumash Listen 5. Ride the Wild Surf Listen 6. Too Many Guys Out Listen 7. Wave Spy [Special French Instrumental Version] Listen 8. Ballroom Blitz Listen 9. Locals Only II Listen 10. Gyrospaz Listen 11. Klo-Rene Listen 12. Wave Spy Listen 13. People's Court Listen 14. It's Over Listen 15. Camp Malibu [*]


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