Friday, March 27, 2009

The Black Widows - Arocknophobia

All instrumental, all original, all evil; in league with Davey Allan & the Arrows, Link Wray, the Ventures, Blue Oyster Cult & biker movies. Not surf per se, heavy crunch riff spy rawk instro is more like it – Brandonio – this one’s for you. Will tear up your eardrums in no time flat. Play it loud and proud.

1. Road Hawg 2. My Least Favorite Martian 3. Fellini Raygun 4. Rasputin's Holiday 5. Agent Double-O Swing 6. Cosmic Ape7. Parazone 8. Que Mala 9. Vlad the Impaler 10. Zero's Hour 11. Bop-A-Roo 12. Space Ghost 13. Toro 14. Black Sea 15. Bitter End 16. War Dance 17. Creepsville 18. Burnout



Trustar said...

Big Boss Man

I had it, now I don't.

Thanks for letting me recover this and some of my sanity.


DaBoss said...

Glad to be of service, man. Partial sanity is the only way to live, after all, we are all Bozos on this bus.

zillagord said...

Boss Man:
Hey thanks for this one! One thing I have found in my short time on the blogs, if Brandonio likes it, than usually I do as well. This one I didn't think was consistently excellent, but it had some great moments to be sure. I particularly liked "Agent Double-O Swing."

One word of warning/caution: Sharebee has, over the last month, been having some problems with Trojans, and I don't mean condoms. Everytime I grab something from Sharebee, my virus protection pops up and alerts me to it. Be careful, folks.

Thanks again Boss, and remember: You gotta start young if you wanna stick it out...


barkingdog said...


Thanks for this album.

Double thanks for the listing.

Cheers from the dog.

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