Saturday, March 14, 2009

Angelo Santoro – Psychedelic Surf - OOP excellence

Hi all,
It's that time of year again - the theatre troupe I belong to is performing the classic musical - "Guys and Dolls" and yours truly will be on stage every night for the next two weeks.
Soooo - time will be tight and I figured I'd do a mega post to cover until there's a break.

This one has goodies for all - surf, lounge, unclassifyable instros, classic jazz and modern remixes. Enjoy.

Let's start with some unsual surf ----

Angelo Santoro's version of "Meadowlands" on Santoro II is the version that inspired the Berzerkers to play and record that song. While that's not here, these 1988 tracks are very well played and thoroughly enjoyable recordings. The degree to which he develops multiple guitar parts and layers the sound seems to envelope the listener. Mostly electric with some drums that petty much fade in the background.

This is not heavy twang surf more like the Rautalanka style as heard in Boppeslag – see links.

Kind of laid back and yet it definitely grows on you with repeated listenings.

Phil Dirt gives him 4 stars. So do I. Check it out for a change of pace.

1.Walk Don't Run' 60.2. Walk Don't Run' 88.3. Theme From Surf City.4. Psychedelic Surf Part 1.5. Dance Vice.6. Hurrah For D.K. Part 1.7. Surfin' On The Nile.8. A Surfboard For Kamala Part 1.9. Wrestle Mania.10. Space Traveller.11. Guitar Medley. Girasol/La Bamba/Baia/Tequila.12. Lookin' At The Mirror, (What Do You See?)13. Hurrah For D.K. Part 2.14. Psychedelic Surf Part 2.15. A Surfboard For Kamala Part 2.16. Marabi.



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