Saturday, March 7, 2009

GNP 40th Anniversary Sampler - Surf, Sci-Fi, Action

GNP Sampler 40th Anniversary – Action Adventure Surf Sci-Fi

This 28 track, limited edition release from GNP Crescendo features some cool music by the Tornadoes, The Challengers, Billy Strange, Surf Raiders and others. Some really nice sci-fi electronic pieces from Alex Cima – very 80’s Tangerine Dream sounding, a bizarre avant gard piece from Steve Roach (Karavan) and some listenably decent sound track or possibly production music by Neil Norman – the son of GNP’s founder and now head honcho. Perfect Wave is standout. The last part is Neil Norman’s first solo effort, now OOP – Not Of This Earth. So think of this as a twofer. Well worth it for its variety – a little or a lot of something everyone will like. Check out Brandonio's place - RockisDeadRIP - in sidebar - for more on Neil Norman.

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Brandonio! said...

Neil Norman Rules.I have been looking for this album for the past few months.Thanky

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