Friday, March 27, 2009

Big Lazy - Amnesia

This is a gorgeous CD. It is sophisticated, angular and moody, and displays great talent in both writing and performance. The tracks range from slow detective foggy nights to energetic dissonant romps. Highly adventurous and entertaining. Formerly known as Lazy Boy, they have succumbed to the chair people in their struggle to retain their identity, though it's highly unlikely that raccoons would confuse their music for a lounge chair. 4 stars – Phil Dirt

I recommend ALL their stuff- some of the best "cinematic" pure instro around. Check them out in the archives and see for yourself.

1. Curb Urchin 2. Theme from Headtrader 3. Junction City 4. Uneasy Street 5. The Mole 6. Latin Quarter



Delta-Slider said...

Hope this one is as good as the last. I play that one all the time, great stuff!

DaBoss said...

DS- I LOVE these guys -yes -every one of theirs is great. No shit. Check out the archives - I will be posting their entire catelogue so fans can have everything. You and they deserve it.

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