Saturday, March 14, 2009

Slacktone- S/T

This splendidly tight, high-energy instrumental trio is the surf band that other surf bands listen to for inspiration. They're anchored by guitarist Dave Wronski -- the Segovia of Surf -- who coaxes a couple of overlapping voices out of one guitar. This is the first of Slacktone's two studio CDs; they also have two live ones that are pretty easily obtainable.
Slacktone's reference point is mid-1960s, pre-psychedelic surf music. But there's something timeless about where they take those roots. Old Moorish modes creep in through Spanish/Mexican motifs, and the South Seas echo in some of their tribal-sounding pentatonic stuff. Wronski often plays in octaves, recalling jazz guitarists like Wes Montgomery. He also uses a flanger to get a 12-string sound that might remind you of the Byrds. I can't stop listening to any of their stuff -- beware, it becomes addictive the second time you spin it! 4 stars from Phil Dirt, I agree- what do you think?

1. Tidal Wave 2. P C H 3. Skateaboard Commando 4. Mysterioso 5. Goldfinger 6. Reflection: Life or Lemming 7. Rosarito3-Day 8. Nocturne 9. Outsider 10. Bells of St. Kahuna 11. Chaos 12. Lift and Separate 13. Hit Man 14. Skeleton Key 15. Gung Ho for Don Ho


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