Friday, March 27, 2009

East Coast Tremors

In this category of surf rock, which is somewhat ill-defined, here stands the real deal. Easily the one of the best contemporary surf groups I've heard in months. The playing is impeccable, the tunes are all original (and fully instrumental!), and there's plenty of variety and energy. EAST COAST TREMORS' goes way beyond your basic surf standards. This album displays the band's versatility with traditional surf, horror blues, punk rawk, all acoustic country, spy, carnival waltz music, and their own brand of psycho surf. Don't let it pass you by!

Beesting/Marconi Meltdown/The Crawling Eye/Because You're Young/Witchfinder Central/Return of the Kraken/Windmill Weekend/Downfall/Quit Your Job/Vaudeville/Bounty Hunter/Killer Fill Revisited/Viva El Chupacabra!


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